Radiographic Technologist Included with Carm Services.

PMX Suite of Services include a fully trained Fluoroscopic technologists to help control the movements of the c-arm, profiling anatomy, setting up anatomical windows, learning and retaining the techniques each physician demands without continuous repetition and direction.


PMX Carm services include a state licensed and Registered Technologists RT(R). PMX maintains and can provide to Centers or State inspectors all the mandatory credentialing required by each state. Our Electronic filing system can have our techs most current credentials in your Inbox within minutes of your request.

C-arm Proficient

Image is Everything

Radiation Safety

Affordable "As Needed"

Tech Profiles

Tech Compliancy

C-arm Proficient

Not only our are Technologist trained in fluoroscopy, but they are well rehearsed in the applications that come with multiple types and brands of c-arms. Philips, Ziehm, OEC, and Siemens, even the new units coming out in the market such as CoMed.

We are knowledgeable to each units advantages and not so great capabilities. Imagine knowing someone who is experienced with hands-on knowledge about numerous c-arms in the market today. Learn about the advantages of each c-arm as well as the not so user friendly units.

The c-arm helps get a good image, but it is a qualified skilled operator that can make the image its best at all times and reduce doses when needed.

That’s what you want, that’s what you need, that’s what your patients deserve. Professional, trained, image proficient, dose conscious, anatomically knowledgeable, machine competent, skilled and quick, a thinker, not just a push button person in scrubs.

Image is Everything


Our Technologists are clean cut, well groomed professionals that communicate well with patients, staff and doctors. Skilled in moving a room efficiently and safely and radiation safety conscious. Limiting live flouro reduces dose. PMX limits live flouro by training its technologist to “multiple C-arm movements and ONE Shot exposures”.

Understanding each type of case, be it orthopedic, urological, or pain management, PMX technologist are preemptively anticipating the physicians next move or view that the procedure is headed towards.

WE realize that each image needs to be clear, targeted, focused, and accurate. Performed with quick smooth c-arm movements with limited exposure to patients and staff.

Tech compliancy

DEP requirements, Board of Health regulations, the Joint Commission, the AAAHC all have one thing in common, personnel compliancy. Though each state may differ in rules and regulations, PMX bows to the more strict and thorough. If you have a c-arm in your facility then you have a radiology department. In every department employee credentials must be kept up to assure patient safety and the well being of all working in that facility. PMX has created an electron file system that inspectors can use and administrators can request at a minutes’ notice. These files are kept current by PMX administrative staff and updates these records in real time. Our PMX credentialing worksite is currently under construction, but once implemented on-line access will be available to all our facility administrators. WE look forward to presenting this new secure site in late 2015.

Trained Technologists

Save money as PMX offers half day Block Time services rather than full day costs. Some cases can last an hour or several, so why pay for the hole day. Fluoro cases don’t occur each day, all day. In addition to the carm costs: Full and part time technologist cost facilities in health benefits, PTO days, holiday pay, etc. You may only need our services 4 or 5 times a month, pay for them as you need them and get a quality of a trained OR technologist all the time.

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