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Centers have had units and tables fail. They didn’t cancel cases for the day, they called PMX. Depending on your distance from our equipment hub, we could be set up and ready to go in your facility in under two hours. PMX primarily covers the Pennsylvania/NJ/DE tri-state region.  Systems tested and inspected before each use. Rentals are available while your unit is being repaired.  PMX utilizes the RADSAF Radiation Safety program which provides a comprehensive QA/QC Radiation Safety program for it’s equipment and work sites.  PMX is also no longer only an East-Coast regional rental service, Give us a call and let us know what your needs are.


Workshops and labs can have as many x-ray work stations as needed to suite their educational or physician volume. PMX trained technologist allow educators to communicate and instruct physicians without operating c-arms or instructing Qualified Trained C-arm techs how to profile anatomy. The point of the class is to discuss the procedure and anatomy not to instruct x-ray techs on how to get a view.

Labs need fluoroscopic equipment for a myriad of reasons. Most importantly recording and documenting high quality images for reports and trials is all a part of the PMX package. Image is everything, and supplying you with a flash drive , a CD/DVD, or video stored images is one of the reasons Labs and organizations choose PMX. We in service lab operators for image quality and c-arm applications. Once you know the capabilities of our machines, experiments and final reports can have more positive outcomes with the best imagery possible.

PMX Pricing structures are the BEST and Lowest in the market. In some cases half the price of GE OEC. With our PMX Siemens units exposure doses are lower than those units with rotating anodes. Image is still everything. PMX has been able to compare our image quality to other units in the market. In most cases, to some an image looks better if you pay more. In the common sense world If you see Quality and don’t have to pay more for it, and decrease your overall dose to staff and faculty. Well, PMX is your best choice. Call us for an estimate.

If you are interested in learning more about our BIOSKILL Workshops and STAT Rental Services please Contact Us now