PMX is here to provide to you a service that accommodates your needs at your discretion.

Tim with C-Arms

Be it a trained skilled fluoroscopic technologist or a full suite of x-ray services, PMX can provide a cost effective way for you to limit the financial risks and get your job done.

With PMX you no longer need to be worrying about equipment failures, service contract costs, limited Technologist availability and other ancillary costs.

Points to Consider:

  • NO Equipment Commitment.
  • No 5 year c-arm payments, table payments or expensive service contracts.
  • Don’t get stuck with equipment. Physicians sometimes do not bring the patient volume anticipated and can leave a center at any time. PMX reassures the start up with less risk.
  • No ancillary expenses. (i.e. lead aprons, printers and thermal paper…)
  • X-ray Tech turnover exists; finding, training, and keeping techs with limited work hours per week requires time, scheduling, and sometimes, benefits. PMX maintains a pool of trained fluoroscopic technologists. One call does it all.
  • No extra insurances or equipment repairs.
  • No Downtime as we have replacement units.
  • PMX maintains the radiation safety protocols required by the DEP and the state.
  • WE REDUCE YOUR FINANCIAL RISK. (Promising case volumes and monthly quotas is not realistic- practices move, referral sources change and doctors can leave sites)
  • Limit the clutter in hallways and storage areas with equipment that is only used a couple times a month. PMX brings and removes its equipment on same day.
  • Sublet office space can now provide a procedure day without interfering with other tenants. PMX is a same day service.
  • Physicist reports, technologist credentialing, equipment service reports and PM’s are kept up for your inspections.
  • PMX provides flexible scheduling and pricing scenarios to fit your volume or length of day.
  • PMX provides state of the art digital Fluoroscopic equipment, all of which are DEP and state compliant, and operated by a licensed registered fluoroscopic technologist.