PMX Diagnostics is a professional mobile fluoroscopic C-arm X-ray company capable of bringing to your center or office a full suite of X-ray services such as: State-of-the-art fluoroscopic c-arms, X-ray tables, lead protection, trained (RT)R Technologists, and full DEP and health care compliance in regards to operating fluoroscopic X-ray within your facility.

PMX also offers training and consulting services in the areas of Radiation Safety (RADSAF) and technologist “how to” education to profile anatomical windows for Pain Management.

PMX Diagnostics has been servicing Surgical Centers, doctors offices, and corporate engineering and medical workshops within the Philadelphia Tri-State region since 2003. We are a family run business that takes the time to provide to our clients a personal professional touch that makes us stand out from the big corporations. PMX works closely to provide a full range of X-ray Fluoroscopic services such as equipment, staffing and radiation compliance.

We personally select and train our licensed X-ray technologists and make sure they achieve top marks with their fluoroscopy skills and handling of the equipment as well as maintain a strong in depth knowledge of anatomy and X-ray physical sciences.

Our Technologist build a rapport’ with each physician, learning their nuances and preferences for displaying anatomical windows without being told case after case. Its more than just a push button job, we are part of your OR team, vigilant on patient and staff safety, limiting live exposures, assisting with turning over a room after cases. It’s our job, it’s our passion.

Tim DiFelice
Timothy Di Felice RT(R)

Founder, President and CEO of PMX Diagnostics, Inc.

Graduated x-ray school in 1996, worked in hospital and outpatient surgical centers, cross trained in MRI, and CT, became proficient in C-arm guidance techniques in the OR setting.  In 2001 started mobilizing a c-arm to workshops and surgical centers as needed.  “Knowing and operating an x-ray machine isn’t just a push button job. The proper people need to be behind each unit to maintain radiation safety. There is a personal touch that my company brings to each client, working relationships form from trust, reliability and performance; happily we come through.  Maintaining state and federal compliancy regarding ionizing radiation regulations is a top priority in my business. As an advocate for radiation safety each one of my employees is personally trained dedicating low exposure rates and optimum c-arm performance.”

Christopher DiFelice
Christopher Di Felice

Vice-President and COO/CFO of PMX Diagnostics, Inc.

Graduated Penn State University 1991 worked for Ernst & Young / CapGemini IT Management consulting for fortune 500 companies integrating computer systems for order fulfillment and data warehousing. Christopher joined PMX in 2004, expanding the company from a hand full of clients to becoming the leader in multi-faceted c-arm and technologist services throughout the Tri-state region. “Organizing the infrastructure of PMX has turned into a passion, I have found myself developing and strategizing user friendly means of communicating vital important information throughout all the PMX satellite offices, technologist, and client relations. Our new marketing campaign is equally exciting. The company has been expanding every year and the challenges have been every bit invigorating.”