SIREMOBIL Compact L is our compact all-round performer in intraoperative imaging. It supports various surgical applications in general surgery, orthopedics, trauma, pain management and ambulatory care. Thanks to its compact and ergonomic design, it is particularly easy to handle and operate. This means accelerated workflow and ultimately significant time and cost savings in your daily work.

  • Designed for high-quality imaging at low dose
  • Engineered for reliability
  • Shaped for advanced ergonomic handling and easy positioning
  • Built for user-friendly integration into clinical workflows

Click on link for pdf of equipment specs Siremobil Compact-l Product Brochure

The Fluoroscan InSight mini C-arm system incorporates this rotating flat detector, providing imaging versatility right in the surgical suite, regardless of how challenging the extremity procedure may be. With its smart engineering, this mini C-arm system answers the needs of orthopedic surgeons who require excellent image quality and time-saving, user-friendly instruments, along with the flexibility of having just one system that can handle all their extremity imaging needs.

Click on link for Video on the Mini carm for details  Video