Hear what our clients are saying about PMX techs:

  • “Jennifer was very professional today when performing the Radiation Safety in-service to my OR staff. She answered all our questions and gave us tips to improve our safety habits. It was a pleasure working with her today”

    Princeton, NJ
  • “I am very concerned about the dose of radiation I receive every day I do pain management cases. I appreciate that your techs take into account my concerns and perform multiple c-arm movements and only take one shot to get the anatomical window I am looking for. Some techs don’t get it, but your techs do.”

    Hamilton, NJ
  • “I just have to say, the tech you sent us today was terrific! Brian worked well with the physician, the patients, and the staff. Please send him back to us every chance you can”

    West Chester, PA
  • “The PMX tech services are just what they say they are…skilled in pain management and part of the OR team.  Our pain doctors really appreciate not having to explain each movement needed for each case.”

    South Philadelphia, PA

Hear what our clients are saying about PMX Mobile C-arm services:

  • “PMX saved the day for us.  When our unit went down, we called PMX.  They got us back up and running is less than 2 hours. “That’s amazing!”  We were able to treat our patients without cancelling any procedures and our physicians were very pleased with the service.”

    Abington, PA
  • “Thank you PMX for your ability to cover my new clients request for extra c-arms workstations.  It is nice to work with a company that communicates so well and can make things happen last minute.”

    Boston, MA
  • “PMX mobile c-arm services allowed us to bring on a new doctor without worrying about purchasing equipment and then losing the doctor. “

    Langhorne, PA
  • “I appreciate that PMX works with their costs when my case volume is low.  Our center is just getting started.  It’s nice that PMX takes the time to work things out with us.”

    Dover, DE