As a part of our Suite of X-Ray Services, PMX also is able to provide to your Center or office Lead aprons and thyroid shields enough for the entire procedure staff and more if needed on the day that it is needed. No need to store and maintain your own rack of aprons unless that is your choice. PMX aprons consist primarily of a lead equivalent, light, Back Relief Apron style and some Vest/Skirt Combo styles. Most doctors and staff prefer to wear our aprons over their own because of the light-weight feel.

As per our RADSAF radiation Safety Program – our apron checks are done on a yearly basis; x-rayed for rips, tears, pin holes, etc. You can be sure you are receiving full protection.

The ErgoLite® Support Buckle Apron’s special design places support directly at your lower back area. Combined with AADCO’s exclusive ErgoLite® Internal Support Frame, it transfers 100% of the apron’s weight to your hips, eliminating all shoulder contact and repetitive stress on sensitive contact points of the shoulder, clavicle, cervical/thoracic spine, and upper back muscles. Adjusted properly, the apron doesn’t even touch your shoulders.

The typical lead apron and thyroid shield that PMX provides is made of X-Ban® Super Lightweight 0.35mm – A Lead Equivalent Protective Apron manufactured using X-Ban® a special synthetic composite protective material that offers up to 8 to 10 times the dimensional strength and durability of lead vinyl.

An advanced metallic deposition technique places lead and other materials in suspension, creating a lighter weight optimized protective apron material while averaging a weight improvement that is 30% lighter than conventional lead vinyl aprons. To our knowledge, no apron in the industry is lighter in weight while providing the same protection.



PMX is a dealer with AADCO Medical and we are able to provide you with a large list of options for lead aprons, barriers and general Radiation Safety related products at a PMX Discounted Rate. Please ask.

If you are interested in purchasing or learning more about our Lead Aprons and Lead Protective devices please Contact Us now